Do you know how your monthly maintenance payment is being spent?
Do you know how much money is in the Condominium's Bank account?
Are you receiving proper financial information for your Condo Association?
Do you have a Management Board that is easily accessible?
Does your Management Board respond immediately to your requests?
Do you feel comfortable that the Management Board knows what they are doing?
Are you happy with those things the Board has done for you and/or the Condo?
Does your Condo Association hold Board Meetings?
Are your Board Meetings held properly; organized, professional, quiet and dignified?
Do you believe the Managers have your best interest at the Board meetings?
Do you know if your Condominium's Market Value has been maintained?
If you answered "No" to any, many or all of the above questions, you owe it to yourself as a Condo Owner to have Mr. Diamond meet with you personally to listen to your concerns and/or to invite Mr. Diamond to be present at your next Board meeting.
There is "no charge" for having Mr. Diamond listen to your concerns with respect to your Condominium Association and to recommend to the Board corrective action plans.